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The Difference Between Assisted Living & Home Care

As we age and need a bit more help, we have to make big decisions about where and how we will receive that help. Home care and assisted living are two of the main options to consider, and as you choose for yourself or a loved one, you should weigh the pros and cons of each.

To help you make a more informed decision, we’ve compiled the major differences between home care and assisted living into this blog post. We hope this helps you understand which type of care is right for you or your loved one.

The Basics of Home Care

Home care involves a nurse, caregiver, aide, or companion visiting a person’s home to help them with specific tasks. It can encompass a wide variety of tasks, like general cleaning and cooking, medication reminders, and even assisting with bathing and dressing. The caregiver or aide will tailor their services to the individual’s needs and the family’s preferences.

Many people prefer home care because they want to stay in the place they’ve called home for so many years. The familiarity is comforting, which can be especially important if a person is experiencing memory loss issues such as dementia or Alzheimer’s. Home care may also be a good fit for someone who only needs occasional help or assistance with minor tasks.

However, home care is not always the most affordable option. After all, the person receiving care must also pay for taxes and home bills as well as the home care services they’ve requested. Home care is also not a great fit for those with care needs that do not follow a consistent schedule, when care aides are present.  If someone finds they need more help than home care can provide, assisted living may be the better option.

The Essentials of Assisted Living 

In an assisted living situation, a person moves entirely into an assisted living community to receive all the care they need. These types of facilities provide not just a comfortable home but medical care, delicious meals, a vibrant community, and more. The best ones, like Addison Place, provide their own dining program and social programming to give residents nothing less than the best. In fact, Addison Place’s “Inspired Life” program focuses on six areas to ensure residents can live life to the fullest: spiritual, physical, occupational, social, intellectual, and emotional.

While home care can appear to be the most comfortable option, assisted living can help seniors fully embrace a new and vibrant chapter of their lives. The comfort and care provided at an assisted living community, as well as the community found there, can help residents feel right at home.

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Whether you’re thinking ahead to your own future or your aging loved one needs care from an assisted living community now, we hope this information gives you the tools you need to select the right option for your or your loved one’s unique circumstances. If you need additional information or would like to schedule a visit to Addison Place at Glastonbury, we welcome you to call our assisted living community today.

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